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Minke Whale Dive Expeditions 3-4-7 night Liveaboard -Mike Ball from Cairns

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Minke Whale Mike Ball Dive Expeditions (June-July)

Recommended dive level experience: Swim with whale encounters are suitable for snorkelers. No dive experience or certification required.

Number of passengers: 28 maximum


*Rates and Itinerary are based on Mike Ball standard liveaboard trips, with 1-2 less dives (please follow each link above for more details).

Those expeditions are dedicated to maximizing your in-water interactions at the world’s only known minke whale aggregation sites, whilst enjoying the diverse marine life of the Ribbon Reefs.  Sites where minke are most often seen may be visited several times. Dwarf minke whales travel through the Great Barrier Reef each winter, with most sightings occurring during June and July.  The Great Barrier Reef is the only location where snorkel and dive tours with minke whales are available and Mike Ball Dive Expeditions is one of a handful of operators licenced to operate them.

Swimming with minkes – an incredible experience!

It is a truly remarkable moment when these big, beautiful whales slowly approach you and glide gracefully past. As you come eye to eye with these amazing marine creatures you’ll realize just how privileged we are to share the ocean with them. Minke expeditions are suitable for both snorkelers and scuba divers.  The close-up whale action combined with excellent winter visibility on the Ribbon Reefs makes for great diving.  A code of practice is in place to manage safety for both divers and whales, providing the maximum opportunity to see whales at very close range while ensuring the whales interact on their terms. Most diver and whale interactions occur while snorkeling.



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