Skydive Townsville and Magnetic Island

“The thrill of skydiving is beyond any possible description. Falling with the wind screaming past your body is an unbelievable experience of total Freedom.”


In Townsville you can experience TANDEM  Skydive flying over the city, with spectacular views of Magnetic Island, Cleveland Bay and Pallarenda, landing on the beautiful Strand Beach.

Another opportunity offered by Skydive Townsville is “Jump the Island”: with an extra cost you can choose your landing between 3 different beaches on Magnetic Island: Horseshoe Bay, Arcadia Bay, and Nelly Bay (in front of XBase backpacker).

If you would like to learn how to skydive, then  SOLO  Skydive is what you are looking for!!Skydive Townsville can teach you at the Dropzone in Ayr. Over the nine stage course, you will learn how to freefall and how to fly and control your parachute throughout the flight and landing. Somersaults and turns are all part of the course.


TOWNSVILLE STRAND BEACH 10,000 FT TANDEM     $395.00  (+Dvd&pic $530.00)

TOWNSVILLE STRAND BEACH 12,000 FT TANDEM     $445.00  (+Dvd&pic $580.00)

LANDING MAGNETIC ISLAND 14,000 FT  TANDEM       $470.00  (+Dvd&pic $605.00)   *Minimum 2 people.

Gift voucher also available!!




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